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Falu Rödfärg

Falu Rödfärg - Falun Redpaint


Genuine Falun Redpaint is made out of pigment from the mineralization of Falun Mine. From copper deficient ore weathered over the centuries a “rödmull” is formed which in addition to copper contains a rare blend of iron ocher, silicic acid and zinc.

Falun Redpaint is not only a shade of red, it is a piece of Swedish cultural history in a jar. The history of the red paint can be traced to the 16th century with the industrial production in the mining site since 1764.

Falun Redpaint is for sale in the Visitors Center at the Falun Mine.

Please visit the Falun Redpaint website



Filmer om Världsarvet Falun

Falu Gruva (Falu Coppermine), Gruvplatsen 1, 791 61 FALUN, phone:+46 (0)23-78 20 30,