Before your visit

Falun Mine is a very special place. We have compiled a checklist with advice and rules to help make your visit underground as rewarding as possible.


Are you going down into the mine? Read through the checklist first, please.

We often say the mine below ground feels like a giant fridge. The temperature underground is constant throughout the year, at about +5°C (+40°F). With our checklist of useful advice at the ready, you are well prepared for your visit in the mine.


This can make your visit in the mine safer

“Exciting” is a word many people use about their experience underground here. Great! But going down into the mine has got to be a safe and secure adventure. So there are some rules we insist you follow.

Find us

Falun Mine is a fairly short walk from the train station and nearby bus stops. If you’re coming by car, we’re easy to find once you’ve reached the town. Just follow the signs!

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Spending the night near the mine

Polhem Bed & Breakfast is located right at the brink of the Great Open Pit in an 18th-century building.

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Have you bought a ticket?

During high season we have many visitors every day. We always recommend that you book your tickets through our online booking. Welcome!