We also have guided tours for those of you who want to learn about Falun Mine’s history without joining a guided tour below ground.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy Falun Mine

The unusual character of Falun Mine makes it impossible to adapt the environment so that everyone can join the underground guided tours. Each person going on those tours must be able to climb the emergency exist stairways to the surface, if the need should arise.

But the long history of the mine is a story that can be told above ground, too.

Our outdoor, above-ground guided tours round the Great Pit (Stora Stöten), concentrate on traces of mining operations at the surface; the tours are specially composed for visitors choosing to use wheelchairs.

The Mine Museum and the Mine Art Gallery have been adapted with ramps and lifts/elevators    to accommodate wheelchairs. The staircases are specially marked and have banister rails designed for visitors with limited vision. We welcome hearing dogs and guide dogs; escorting staff have free entry at Falun Mine.

In the museum’s viewing room a 30-minute film is screened; it is designed to replace the underground guided tour. The film has been specially produced for those visitors who either are unable to join the below-ground tour, or do not wish to. The soundtrack is in Swedish; the film has English subtitles; it also shown with Swedish sign language and Swedish audio description.

The story of how the mine, the community and mining area were declared a World Heritage site is told in the World Heritage Centre with its entrances at ground level.

The Geschwornergården lunch restaurant has an entry ramp and the rest of the premises have also been adapted to welcome all visitors.

RWC is available in the Mine Museum and our visitors’ centre near the World Heritage Centre. Please ask for more Falun Mine accessibility information by clicking contact us.