Our rules below ground

The mine visit is a true adventure. To keep your group together and make sure no unnecessary risks are taken, we have a series of rules and conditions.

You must be able to walk up and down the stairways

Each individual in the group must be capable of walking up and down the stairways – a total of 400 steps – at a normal pace. The visit entails a 750-metre walk, reaching a depth of 67 metres below ground. A lift/elevator brings you back up to the surface.

Age limit: 3

A child must be three or older to be allowed down into the mine; that is because all children on the guided tour must be able to walk unassisted. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult.

No pets in the mine

We’re sorry, but dogs and other pets are not allowed underground at Falun Mine. Remember that the guided tour takes at least 60 minutes, which is too long for a dog to be left unattended in a car in the heat of summer.

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