What is included in the ticket?
The ticket to a guided tour in the mine also includes access to the Mine Museum (when open) as well as all historical buildings at the site.
The “Above ground” ticket includes everything above ground, except the mine tour.

Is it possible to book tickets in advance?
We recommend that you book tickets in advance. It is easiest on 023-78 20 30. You can also buy tickets on the web.
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Must you wear a helmet in the mine?
Yes. Helmets and rain capes are lent out.

What clothes shall I wear?
We recommend comfortable clothing and rubber boots or sturdy shoes. Light shoe covers you can buy at the World Heritage House. During summer time you may want o wear a long-sleeved shirt under the rain cape.

Is it any age limit for visiting Falun Mine?
To visit Falun Mine above ground there is no age limit, but to go down into the mine you have to be at least 3 years old. Children under 12 years have to be accompanied by an adult. It is important that everyone that goes down into the mine is able to walk on his own the whole trek, including stairs on their own.

Where is the World Heritage House?
World Heritage House is a Visitors Center and the gateway to the Falun Mine and the Falun world Heritage site. It is situated next to the parking site at Falun Mine, and is the large building in Falun red timber and glass.

Is it dark below ground?
The mine is illuminated all the way, but the light is subdued.

Is it narrow?
An adult of normal height may need to bend down in some places. Most of the time however it goes through large chambers and drifts.

Do you have to wear rubber boots?
It is muddy underground, there are puddles of water and it may drop a bit from the ceiling. It is good to have rubber boots but robust shoes will do in the mine.

How long is a guided tour?
A guided tour takes about one hour.

Is it hard walking below ground?
The guided tour is about 750 meters and goes down to 67 meters depth. A large part of the walk is in stairs. Visitors have to be able to climb stairs, and children must be able to walk all the distance. If you have problems with stairs at home, the mine tour is not suitable for you.

Are you allowed to bring your dog down in the mine?
No, animals are not allowed. Don’t leave your pet in the car during summer. The temperature rises rapidly, even with the windows rolled down and the car can quickly become a death trap.

What languages do the guides speak?
All year round we offer guided tours in the mine in Swedish and English. During high season we have daily tours in German. You can ask for other languages when you book a tour, but we are not able to guarantee other languages than Swedish, English and German.

Is it anything to do if you don´t dare to go down?
Falun Mine has a lot to offer at the site above ground.

Is it possible to eat in the area?
There is both a restaurant and cafés.

How old is Falun Mine?
Nobody knows for sure but some kind of mining was done here as early as the 700´.

When was the mine closed?
December 8, 1992.

Is the copper all mined out in Falun Mine?
Yes mainly. But there are some other minerals, for example gold. When the mine was closed in 1992 it was not profitable, but in the future, with the rising metal prices. you don´t know…

How deep is Falun Mine?
The deepest level they worked at was 440 meters below the surface, but test shafts were driven down to about 600 meters. However since the mine closed it has been filled with water, today the water level is at about 200 meters below the surface. The visitors mine goes down to about 67 meters depth.

What has been mined in Falun Mine?
In addition to copper gold, silver, zink, led and sulphur. Over 130 different mineral have been found in the mine.

Who owns Falun Mine?
Falun Mine is operated by the private foundation Stora Kopparberget. Falun Mine currently has no operating subsidy from the local community, the government or elsewhere. However, we collaborate with many different operators in investment and maintenance projects.

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