The great pit

Peer over the edge of the open pit at Falun Mine. The Great Pit (Stora Stöten), with its depth of nearly 100 metres, is today home to the Dalarna province emblem, the Eagle-owl.

Greatest cave-in in the mine’s history

The huge collapse in 1687 is one of the best-known occurrences in the history of Falun Mine. Before midsummer there had already been worrying sounds heard from under ground. Then it struck: on Midsummer’s Day the greatest cave-in ever occurred. Above ground there were three open pits and their dividing “walls” collapsed. As far down as 300 metres below ground, rubble from the cave-in was found. Stora Stöten – the Great Pit – had been formed, a mile in circumference (1.6 km.) and 95 metres deep. The occurrence became known throughout Sweden and on the Continent for the fact that no single mineworker had lost his life – all of them were off work for the traditional Swedish Midsummer holiday.

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