Our rules below ground

There are some important rules when you visit us and go on an underground mine tour.

You must be able to climb stairs

Everyone who joins the mine tour must be able to walk stairs at a walking pace, a total of approximately 400 steps. The distance covered by the tour is 750 meters and goes down to a depth of 67 meters. Our museum and our living historical environments are adapted even for those who cannot climb stairs.

Age limit three years old

The age limit to accompany you down the mine is three years. This is because all children accompanying us on our underground tours must be able to walk on their own. Children under the age of twelve may only come with an adult. In our museum and other parts of the area there is a free age limit.

Pets are not allowed

Dogs and other animals are allowed to stay above ground when you go down into the mine. The show takes about 60 minutes so keep that in mind when you leave your dog. Dogs are also not allowed in the museum, but they are welcome outside in the area.