Data Integrity

On 25 May 2018, the GDPR was introduced, an important regulation within the EU for data protection. The GDPR aims to strengthen the protection of personal integrity when processing personal data.

Responsibility concerning personal data

Falun Mine, Stiftelsen Stora Kopparberget (Falu Gruva), is responsible for personal data when it comes to handling any information of a private nature, and we strive to protect your integrity when we access personal data.

Ticket purchase, bookings etc.

Personal data (name, telephone number and email address) that you use when making bookings or buying tickets is stored in a customer database.

Personal data is later removed.

Invoice data for ticket purchases is saved according to current legislation.

Personal data acquired when you apply for work at Falun Mine will be saved during the application process and removed once the process is complete.

The purpose in acquiring personal data

When you buy tickets or book/rent premises from us, whether done across the counter, via our website, by telephone or by email, you become our customer. The personal data you give us is registered by us and used for the administration of your order/booking.

Falun Mine, Stiftelsen Stora Kopparberget (Falu Gruva), follows GDPR which means that the personal data lists in the hands of Falun Mine:

  • have a clear purpose
  • are legally warranted
  • suitably protect personal data

If your personal data becomes accessible by any of our partners, we enter into a Personal Data Processing Agreement with them to ensure that the personal data is handled in accordance with GDPR.


Cookies are short text files that are stored on a visitor’s computer and which can, for example, enable our following the visitor’s activity on the website and saving personal settings.

We also use cookies for those parts of the website that require logging in (for example when dealing with ticket bookings) in order to identify users and allow correct authorisation.

In certain parts of the Falun Mine website, so-called session cookies are used in order to handle your choices on the website, for example when ordering tickets. Session cookies disappear when you leave the website.

The right to demand information

It is your right to be informed about what personal data we have about you. You can demand, among other things, that your personal data be corrected, or, if you wish to have your personal data deleted, please contact our data protection officer: