The Mine Museum

Visit our museum and discover 1000 years of history. The Mining Museum is an interactive experience with plenty to experience for both young and old, and best of all: here you can both see and touch.

Experience a thousand years of history

We usually say the Falun Mine is a place with a thousand years of history.

When you visit the Mine Museum, you will discover the history of Falun Mine also tells the story of Sweden and Europe for many hundreds of years. In our interactive exhibitions, both young and old visitors can explore the role that Falun and the mine have had throughout history.

Sheet copper from Falun Mine covered the roof of the 17th century French castle Versailles. And speaking of royalty almost all Swedish regents have visited the mine.

Here you can both see and touch

In addition to the exciting journey of discovering history, the Mine Museum offers an opportunity to experience life underground.

Climb mining ladders, feel the weight of copper ore and those who dare can experience what it was like to have a leg amputated in the mine’s own emergency hospital.

Learn more about mining and how it has looked throughout history. Test how rocks are formed by mixing minerals.

The Mine Museum, which is Swedens first technical museum, has undergone a total reconstruction, which was completed in 2017, and today includes the entire story of Falun Mine. From the discovery of the mine in the Viking Age to a destination as a World Heritage Site in 2001.