Historical Miner's cottages

Open June 17th - August 18th. Step over the threshold into our historical environments from 1897 and 1958.

Koppargränd 1897

Just behind Creutz’s shaft head lives the second Eriksson family, relatives to those living in 1897 a few generations later. Here you step right into the 1950s where the housewife takes care of the home and all that that entails. It smells freshly baked from the kitchen and the gramophone plays an old LP-record.

Even though none of the characters in the cottage know anything about our modern time they are more than happy to chat with our visitors about life in the 1950s. The kids can try board games and in the yard there are rabbits.

Entry to both homes is included when you buy an above ground- or underground ticket.

Krongården 1958

At Krongården 1958, you step into a historic environment that takes you back to the middle of the 20th century. Here you get to experience what it might have looked like in the home of a miner’s family at Falun Mine. Our on-site staff wear period clothing and are happy to answer questions and tell you about what life was like in and around the mine at that time.

In the garden you can say hello to the rabbits and try some garden games that were popular in the 1950s. There are also board games indoors, and if you are lucky, you might visit at the same time as the World Cup final in football between Sweden and Brazil from 1958 is being played on the radio.

Krongården 1958 is one of our historical environments in the mine area, the other one is called Koppargränd 1897 and is just a stone’s throw away. Both cottages are open during the summer months and sometimes also during school holidays. When it is open, admission is always included in the ticket.