Underground Package

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Join us on an adventure down Falun Mine, through parts of the mine that dates back to the 17th century. Take part of the history and listen to the exciting stories and legends that lives on today.

Price per person

240 kr / Adults

100 kr / Children

200 kr / Students

200 kr / Seniors

600 kr / Family

Above-ground Package

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Join us on a guided tour with a lot of exciting stories around the Great Pit, visit a mine worker’s family at Eriksson’s cottage and explore a thousand years of history in the Mine Museum.

Price per person

210 kr / Adults

80 kr / Children

180 kr / Students

180 kr / Seniors

530 kr / Family

Mine Museum Package

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How does it feel to go down a mine shaft in bucket? What does a geologist do? In the Mine Museum there is a lot to explore – test for yourself!

Price per person

110 kr / Adults

60 kr / Children

300 kr / Familjy

Opening hours at Falu Mine