We guide you to which parts are sutiable for visitors who want to experience Falun Mine's history without following a guided tour underground.

Everyone can experience Falun Mine

The special environment underground in Falun Mine does not make it possible to adapt our mine tours to accessibility. Everyone who goes on a our down into the mine must be able to get up through emergency exits with stairs.

However, the mine’s long history can also be experieced above ground. We have a number of historic buildings in the area that accessible, the most famous perhaps being the Creutz lave with a jingling bell.

The Mine museum with the mine’s art gallery is accessible with ramps and a lift. The stairs have markings and handrails for visitors with visual impairments. We welcome companions and signal dogs in the museum and companions have free entry.

In the museum’s film room, a 30-minute film i shown, which is supposed to replace a guided tour underground. The film is specially produced for visitors who, for various reasons, do not want or cannot go on a tour below ground. It has Swedish speech and English subtitles and it is also availble as sign and visiual interpretation in Swedish.

The story of how the mine, the town and the miner’s landscape became the Falun World Heritage is told in the World Heritage House with entrances at ground level.

The Geschwornergården lunch restaurant has an entrance ramp and the premises are otherwise accessible.

The RWC can be found in the Mine Museum and our visitor center nest to the World Heritage House.

You can get more information about accessibility at Falun Mine if you contact us.